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Details of the Program:

This program is designed to build strength and size in your glutes and the whole of your legs. 4 sessions a week with 2 sessions focusing on the majority of the core leg work. The other 2 sessions are spent building aesthitics in your upper body to make your proportions look the best possible. Your shoulders, arms and upper back will also show visable improvement, which will enhance your overall aesthitics, making your waist look smaller. 


The weekly leg volume is high, so its stragically spread out over the week in order to get the most out of your program, you must take your recovery seriously. 

Glute Building & Aesthetics

  • - Program pdf                              

    - Fat Loss Guide

    - Tracking Sheet                         

    - Walkthrough Program Support Videos


    And tons of extra resources to gaurentee you progress. 

    This is not just a program, it is designed to allow you to coach yourself.  All the extra tools and resources will garentee you get strong and muscular from this program. 

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